Data Backup, Data Storage and Data Recovery Services – Disaster Planning and Recovery

At Digital Fitness Networks we realize that your data is the lifeblood of your business. We can recommend and install a customized backup solution for your home or business that will ensure mission critical systems and important data are backed up safely while maintaining security as well as the capability for scalability and redundancy.

If you are looking for onsite, offsite or secure cloud backups, we will assist you in picking out the necessary equipment or cloud storage service provider and plan that suits your needs.

Need a larger backup solution for an entire office, workgroup or network? Digital Fitness Networks can assess your entire network, all hosts and storage considerations and install the proper hardware and software to secure your data with a bulletproof data backup, storage and retrieval system.

Causes of Data Loss

Are you confident that in the event of some unforeseen disaster that all of your mission-critical and support data could be recovered in a quick and efficient manner from a secure backup location?

Most small business owners I speak with have no absolutely no idea what they would do or what their backup and disaster recovery plan is should either a natural disaster or catastrophic hardware failure strike.

Almost all of them have no proactive disaster recovery plan in place or no backup at all.

Data Backup and Restoration Services

Always happens when you least need it andleast expect it. Any system crash or catastrophic failure can lead to permanent data loss if the correct steps are not immediately taken to protect and secure this information from a corrupted RAID array, hard drive or partition table.

Aggressive malicious viruses can corrupt files and disable computers. In the case of malicious viruses, ransomware and malware, sometimes the only solutions is to restore your entire computer, operating system, software and personal data completely from backup. We can prepare you in the event you’re unexpectedly attacked by one of these very malicious and destructive viruses.

Hard drives have a finite lifetime and can fail suddenly and without warning.The sudden death of a hard drive can cause the painful loss of months or years of irreplaceable files and the timing can be catastrophic – if this happens close to a work or college deadline it could be a nightmare scenario.

Florida is the hurricane capital of the world, and unfortunately sometimes the unthinkable happens. Protect yourself ahead of any disaster by having the complete contents of your computer backed up at a remote location and accessible in any event your computer itself is damaged beyond repair by water, fire or natural disasters.

Computers are sought after by thieves and cannot always be kept secure while travelling. If you are the unfortunate victim of computer theft, we can make sure that your data is secured, encrypted and backed up to a remote location or removable drive.

Having drive encryption and a secure password means that thieves will not be able to access your data even if they have possession of your computer and hard drive. Digital Fitness Networks can ensure that all of your servers, computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are redundantly backed up and that information secured and encrypted.

Your files are more at risk from physical damage to a hard drive or computer if you use a laptop. Light and portable comes at the price of reduced durability. Laptops are sensitive and are easily damaged if dropped or have drinks spilled over them. Desktops as well are not immune to the perils of physical damage, I’ve seen more than one hard drive crash due to a desktop falling off a desk when a frisky pet gets ahold of a cable or two.

Did you know that one of the only ways to retrieve data damaged enough to be deemed “irretrievable” is from a comprehensive backup of your original data? Currently, we’re thirty some years into household personal computing and statistics say that about 6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year. The following statistics were gathered from various sources:

  • 6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year. Given the number of PCs used in US businesses in 1998, that translates to approximately 4.6 million data loss episodes. At a conservative estimate, data loss cost US businesses $11.8 billion in 1998. (The Cost Of Lost Data, David M. Smith)
  • 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within five years. (Home Office Computing Magazine)
  • 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.
  • 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures.
  • 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.
  • 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
  • American business lost more than $7.6 billion as a result of viruses during first six months of 1999. (Research by Computer Economics)
  • Companies that aren’t able to resume operations within ten days (of a disaster hit) are not likely to survive. (Strategic Research Institute)
  • Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. (Mozy Online Backup)
  • Simple drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,500 and success is not guaranteed.

Looking for a way to keep your data safe and secure? We will come up with a custom solution designed especially for your business or network. We will guarantee the safety of your data while protecting it from viruses, malware and malicious attacks.

The bottom line is that if you value what’s kept on your computer, it’s wise to take steps to protect your information from sudden loss. Work can be redone, but the loss of cherished files like family and travel photos is permanent. The investment in an ongoing backup solution is small compared to what it may cost you in terms of emotional and monetary distress if all of your data was gone permanently.