Digital Fitness Networks, LLC is a local firm of web designers, graphics artists, internet and social media marketing specialists, network technicians and programmers that practice a wide range of business and technical skills.

At Digital Fitness Networks we employ highly educated and trained professionals that can satisfy your project requirements whether they be basic website design projects to handling the growth of your corporate network infrastructure, managed services expansion or other required network infrastructure maintenance.

If you need computer system repair, server or network equipment service or maintenance, network infrastructure expansion or your existing equipment upgraded, we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate to complete whatever project you have in mind.

Offering both hourly and contract rates, contact us for more information on monthly or annual service contract packages designed help minimize unexpected IT costs and save you time and money!

Digital Fitness Networks also offers full Enterprise Level IT equipment procurement and installation services for your business as well as offer 24/7 availability for emergencies and significant discounts on replacement Dell and HP Servers and Workstations.


Our passion is helping your organization gain brand name recognition, achieve successful growth and maintain forward momentum utilizing innovative internet marketing techniques, the latest design and SEO skills to bring customers to your door! An online presence and web based technologies are vital to any business these days, contact us regarding your business or organization website specifications.

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We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Digital Fitness Networks, LLC. is a full-service Information Technology and Website Design and Development firm, based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Born out of a passion for design, problem solving of all things web and network related and a determination to build and deliver functional, beautifully crafted web applications to individuals, agencies and businesses, Digital Fitness Networks is a growing design agency that prides itself on working closely with each of our clients to achieve a successful project completion..

Our goal at Digital Fitness Networks, LLC is to innovate and provide advanced quality products and solutions along with the industry’s leading customer service and support, all at comparatively affordable prices.

Digital Fitness Networks, LLC. designs and builds websites, creates internet based eCommerce websites, repairs, upgrades and troubleshoots networks, installs, maintains and services network data backup and storage systems. We also perform disaster recovery planning and custom communications systems and are a full service information technology service agency that specializes in innovative solutions for unique business challenges, whatever they may be.

We believe that in order to provide the very best customer experience for you, high-level communication is vital and is one of our highest priorities. Digital Fitness Networks has grown considerably in the Pinellas County and Tampa Bay area and we would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about your existing project concepts, corporate growth and web-based marketing plans.


Our promise is to generate outstanding value for each customer “one client at a time”

PROMISE: At Digital Fitness Networks, it is our promise to create business perspective for customers, guiding them towards the implementation of effective and revolutionary strategies that lead to savvy business solutions. We promise to positively reconstruct customers and their companies focusing purely on THEIR success! With commitment, efficiency, and affordability, we can lead any customer to success!

It is our unwavering belief that a satisfied customer will come back year after year. In other words, a happy customer equals a repeat customer. Therefore, our number one core value is producing the highest quality products possible, on time and within budget. Our commitment is of such magnitude that we feel that our customers are our partners or even family throughout each and every step of our process together.

EFFICIENCY: We produce superior solutions in a cost efficient scheme that increases customer satisfaction. We truly believe and operate under a ‘team concept’ of which our customers are an intricate part. Our ‘team’ has exceptional industry expertise and work effectively together to meet each unique company’s needs and personalize their results.

AFFORDABILITY: Again, we offer the perks, expertise, and dependability of a “big, small firm” at a truly manageable price. We avidly achieve this goal by operating on our low-cost overhead model and effectively pairing client needs with specialized expertise in our consulting repertoire.

OUR FOCUS: Under our effective guidance, our clients have invariably reaped the benefits of increasing ROI due to our efficient seamless processes and creative technologies. Through our innovative technologies, our services actively allow customers to create a flowing alignment between IT investments and business goals. Thus, we provide our customers with the ability to maximize their own business value and maintain these adaptations to their corporate structure.