Most people aren’t aware of this but some of the pages on your website are much, much more important than others. Okay, many of you probably find that fairly obvious — but I’m surprised how few people actually apply this knowledge to their websites to improve conversions. What I am about to describe will improve the traffic to your site immensely.

Lets start with the most important and most visited pages on your website:

1.) Home Page
2.) About Us Page
3.) Blog Page
4.) Contact Us Page

There are a few others we feel are vital as well to desigining an informative, clear and concise website that explains your business, products, or scope of your website in more detail and also offer other information on products and pricing

5.) Products or Services Page
6.) Pricing Page
7.) Photo Gallery or Product Gallery
8.) Informational Page of your design

Also included will be a personalized business owner page should one be desired. This can include a photo, bio, experience, education or any other information of your choosing from at least 500 up to 2,500 words in any format or design matching or compatible with your current site theme.

Expert layout and professional development! That is what you expect when you choose a website design company. And why not, you work hard and deserve the very best. The strategy employed by Digital Fitness Networks builds on your success by integrating your brand with rich Internet Applications, bold effective Web Design, and customer service beyond your expectations.

High quality web development is the hallmark of what we do everyday, and we would love to build a site for you. Your website is built to your specifications; we work with you to assure that your website design creates a strong Internet presence. We can help you position your business on line with design solutions that enhance your Internet marketing. Your business can come to life on the internet, opening new markets and attracting new customers. A free consultation is available to help you determine the best style for your business.

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