While the idea of having a local, Google + listing seems simple, actually building a successful local SEO strategy takes a lot of work.

Google has a long list of rules about what kinds of businesses qualify for Local Listings, and Google has a strict review process that checks and double-checks every single listing before it goes ‘live’ on-line. These rules are always evolving, making it even harder for most business owners to create and maintain their own local SEO strategy.

Our team of SEO experts understands exactly how to create content that will get your site noticed by many while using a large variety of keywords. We create search engine listings that get real results for our customers and stand out among others. We keep track of the latest rules and regulations from Google so that our pages pass Google’s review process and get published immediately.

We check and double-check all the little details that are important for successful local SEO – we research keywords, create Google Places listings and clean up any incorrect or duplicate content. Our local SEO team then checks out the competition, creates effective citations and builds a powerful, results-driven strategy that drives local traffic.

We can even help ‘fix’ local SEO mistakes that business owners might be dealing with, including existing penalties from Google that are blocking businesses from appearing in local search results.